About Richard Kenny

In the spring of 1973, Bernard and Susan Kenny welcomed Richard to their growing family.  Bernard, also known as Dick, had moved to Toledo, Ohio from Hammond, Indiana more than a decade before.  One evening spent with friends would change the course of his life as, to hear him tell it, he won his future bride in a poker game all thanks to a friend who had set them up on a blind date.  Sue agreed to marry him in the summer of 1969 and they went on to have two daughters, Debi and Dawn, before Rich was born.  The growing Kenny family settled in Lambertville, Michigan where they would stay until Rich was nine years old. The years that followed included a shorter stint in Indiana before they moved back to Michigan and permanently settled in Temperance.

Rich grew up as many other children did.  His mother took care of the home front, staying at home to raise the children while picking up various jobs along the way.  As the kids got older, she went on to work full-time. His father worked as an executive at Ferris Processing and Trading, buying and selling scrap metal (prior to that, he spent most of his career at US Reduction).  Rich played soccer as a boy and learned to build campfires, among other things, as a Boy Scout.  During his high school years, he joined DECA, the Distributive Education Clubs of America. DECA, a program for students with interests in marketing, management and entrepreneurship, had an influence on his life.  He thrived in the program and, by the end, made it to the state level competition.  The principles Rich walked away with would help direct his career path.

During his teen years, Rich began working at Forest View Lanes as a porter doing anything that needed to be done and, eventually, worked his way up to managing the bowling center and miniature golf course. He continued to work there all the way through college.  All the while, he picked up some bowling skills that would lead him to capture a score of 757 in his best series and 289 in his highest game. Today, he averages 200.  Continuing to mix business and fun, Rich would begin running the volleyball leagues, which he continues to do to this day, at Sandy Courts Volleyball.  As an adult, Rich’s love for all things sports and travel would have him traveling all over the Unites States, Mexico, Canada, Jamaica, The Netherlands, England, Italy and France.  He would witness some of the greatest sporting events in the world including a World Series, the last game in Yankee Stadium, and games at Fenway Park and at Wrigley Field.  He has been to NASCAR, Formula 1, and Indy Races.  He’s been in the stands for Stanley Cup Games, Bowl Games, Ohio State-Michigan games and, one of his favorites, the Michigan-Notre Dame game in 2011 that was the first night game under the lights in the Big House.

After graduating from Bedford High School in 1991, Rich went on to the University of Toledo where he received a Bachelor of Business Administration in Human Resources.  Upon graduating, in typical go-getter fashion, Rich had sent out his résumé to friends and family in his parents’ address book along with his graduation announcement.  His neighbor forwarded the résumé to someone at Comerica Bank. This act led him to an interview with the bank where he landed the job and was trained for management.  This would be the start of an extremely successful career in business that would take him all over the United States.  Rich had no fear of change and, in remarking up his first major move for work, he said, “the greatest thing anyone could do is pack up and move and start your life over in a new city and meet new people.”  If it was daunting for him, he never showed it.  He took off to Dallas and has since referred to that time as the greatest experience of his life.  In Dallas, he made great friends who he is still in contact with today.

Throughout the years, Rich would continue his education receiving numerous certifications in the Human Resource field and multiple Mini-MBAs.  Rich holds his SPHR (Senior Professional in Human Resources). In the meantime, his career had him working for major companies such as 7-Eleven, Northwest Airlines, Delta Air Lines and Henry Ford Health System.  By 2008, he was running his own consulting business that had him traveling around the country consulting on talent acquisition at multiple companies and career-social media coaching for C-level professionals. But in 2010, Rich, who was living and working in Minneapolis, made a decision to move back to Temperance to be near his parents.  They had begun to face difficult health issues, including a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease, that would take a toll on their lives.  He wanted to be there to care for them.   After advancing in every company he has ever worked for, Rich names his biggest accomplishment as being there for his parents.  His family, including his nieces and nephews, whom he adores and spends a great deal of time with, come first in his life.

Today, Rich has settled into a comfortable life in his community.  He is a part of the Mt. Carmel Catholic Community and volunteers for the Alzheimer’s Association having recently joined the Board of Directors, in a three-year term, for the Northwest Ohio Chapter. His friends know him as an extraordinarily nice and generous person, helping people and organizations.  He enjoys giving back to the community at large and has done so by volunteering his time for the last several years to speak to job seekers around the country on how to market themselves and find career opportunities on social media. He has started three groups with almost 4,000 members on LinkedIn to support the Human Resource community with networking and career search.  He has an email distribution to more than 500 people around the country in which he sends out HR job leads with $100,000 salary opportunities.  In his free time, he works one on one with individuals that need help with their résumés, career searches and networking. He enjoys speaking locally and nationally on various topics, traveling and attending sporting events.  Most of his free time, though, will find him with friends, spoiling his nieces and nephews or just hanging out with parents and enjoying his life.


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  1. frangipani says:

    I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award! Please feel free to accept or do nothing as you wish. Keep on writing!

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