Today is Cancer Survivors Day – A blog for a new friend about a very rare & deadly cancer called mesothelioma

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Recently, Cameron reached out to me to share his story about his wife and family; he shared their battle with a very rare and deadly from of cancer called mesothelioma. I was touched by the video and story! Please take a few minutes to review this video and hear their story. I know my passion is all about Alzheimer’s, but we all need to learn about other diseases and what others are going through. It’s not always about us and our cause.

My only request is that every needs to pick a cause and fight for it! We can’t sit on the sidelines and do nothing! We need to step up and fight for something with meaning! Someday, I will be able to write about someone winning the fight against Alzheimer’s, but today I’m celebrating another fight to survive! My grandma died of breast cancer and I have many friends that are fighting various forms of cancer too. We are in the fight of our life for my Mom and her battle with Alzheimer’s! Today, let’s celebrate this victory in the fight to survive!

“My name is Cameron Von St. James and I was thrown into the role of caregiver when my wife, Heather was diagnosed with a very rare and deadly cancer called mesothelioma, just three months after the birth of our only child.  We were initially told that she could have less than 15 months to live, but she was able to defy the odds and eventually beat the cancer.  During her treatment, I had to learn quickly to be an effective caregiver, and there were many times when I became overwhelmed and beaten down by the role, but we managed to fight through it together.  We recently participated in a short video about my wife’s cancer experience, which we hope to use to raise awareness and support for people fighting illness, and the caregivers who fight alongside them. Here is the link to the video:


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My Mom has Alzheimer's and I help my Dad with caregiving!
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