Mom was not getting out of the car this morning! Today’s Adventure #EndALZ

We all slept in at the Kenny House today! Mom and Dad woke up around 10:30 and I woke up around 11. It was nice to sleep in! We went out to breakfast at our usual spot and ran into some close family friends at Red Star Diner. We joined them and had a nice breakfast; Mom would not share her bacon with me. 😦

When we were leaving the restaurant, we ran into the daughter of my parents other close friends! Funny, how we all go to the same place, all the time. This is normal for the thee families to run into each other at Red Star Diner. 🙂

When we returned home, Mom would not get out of the car. Our family friends came over to check out the new deck that we are having built. Mom sat in the car and would not want to get out. We all tried several times to get her out with many different approaches. Rita even pulled up a chair and sat out by the car with my Mom. They had a nice conversation, but Mom was not getting out of the car. I took out a bottle of water, opened the windows, turned on the air and backed up the car into the shade!

Dad, John and I assembled the new patio furniture for the deck. We had plenty of time, since Mom was not getting out of the car. The good news, all the patio furniture is now assembled.

John (family friend) tried to get my Mom out of the car, one last time. I’m sure we would have continued all day. This was the conversation that worked:

JohnL Sue, I’m here to help you get out of the car
Mom: Okay!
Mom: Richard’s here, Dick’s (My dad) here! They are just to stubborn to help me get out of the car! (we all tried many times over abut an hour)
John: Helped Mom out of car and she walked into the house.

When I walked in, I shut the door behind me and I guess it made a lot of noise. Mom yelled at me for slamming the door! I chuckled! You have to love her!Image


About Richard Kenny

My Mom has Alzheimer's and I help my Dad with caregiving!
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