Mom, Happy Mother’s Day! I Love You! Your Son, Rich

Today is just like any other day; except today is Mother’s Day! My Mom is an amazing Mother and I see it more and more every day. Mom was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s four years ago! I had the privilege to move back home two years ago and live with my parents; I help my Dad care for my Mom.

I could have stayed in Minnesota and come home for holidays. I decided that being close to family was more important and that is why I found a career back in Michigan.

Over the past couple years, I have become closer with my parents. It has been an amazing journey with many ups and downs. We laugh, we smile, we cry, we hug and we have conversations that make no sense to anyone other than my Mom. 🙂 Some of our conversations will repeat 20 times a day and diversion to other topics doesn’t work. Each time we restart the same conversation, I always look for ways to improve my responses.

Mom, Dad and I went out for breakfast to our favorite local restaurant (Red Star Diner). We know all the employees by name and they all know us. I think they all know what we order on a regular basis; anytime we change our order, I think they are shocked and confused. 🙂

Mom had her corsage on this morning (the one she made in the day center).  She seemed happy this morning. We are now home relaxing for the rest of the day. I’m sure we will go out for lunch and dinner.

Today, Mom is Queen in this house! Actually, Mom is queen every day in this house. My Dad has been amazing with caring for his wife.

Happy Mother’s Day! You are an amazing Mother! I will cherish so many memories, before you were diagnosed with this horrible disease; in addition, I will cherish so many memories as you continue to progress with this disease.

Mom is in the late stages of Alzheimer’s and has progressed quickly over the last year. This may be our last Mother’s Day or we could have many more years. You need to cherish every moment you have with your parents (tomorrow, they may no longer be here). You need to make time for your parents; they made time for you, all of your life! If you do not make time for them now; you will regret it after it is too late.



About Richard Kenny

My Mom has Alzheimer's and I help my Dad with caregiving!
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2 Responses to Mom, Happy Mother’s Day! I Love You! Your Son, Rich

  1. rannpx3 says:

    Preach Brother!
    You are handling your situation so well. Your conversation with your mom was funny, and your blog about dropping her off at Day Center broke my heart.
    My dad was given meds for seizures and went into Dementia and thought the nurse was me and that we were where we used to live when I was little (where he was happiest). I would just go along with him, it kept him happy. You will look back on these hard times one day, and realize you WERE there, you DID an awesome job–all that was in your hand. I think what is hardest is that you can’t control what’s happening to your mom. If that disease morphed into an actual monster the size of Texas, you’d slay it with your bare hands! You’re amazing.
    My best to you and your lucky mom, & dad

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