Calling all SuperHero’s to join in the fight to end Alzheimer’s!! SuperHero 5K run

I walked in a Superhero 5k yesterday with friends for the Monroe, MI Rotary. It was a fun event with 120+ people walking in SuperHero costumes. We had a great time. So many people were wearing their favorite SuperHero costume from when they were a kid. I chose to go a different route. I decided to go as a new Superhero called Alzheimer’s Avenger. It’s also the name of my friend’s flag football team.

When I was a kid, SuperMan was my SuperHero. As kids, we all needed a SuperHero to look up to. Today, I need a SuperHero to look up to in the fight to end Alzheimer’s. This superHero could be a scientist, researcher, doctor, nurse, caregiver, advocate, politician, celebrity, person with the disease, someone who lost someone to Alzheimer’s or someone who lost their life to Alzheimer’s and donated their brain to research.

If you are an Alzheimer’s Advocate or champion and attend events for Alzheimer’s or talk to people who already know about Alzheimer’s; you’re sharing awareness with people already familiar with this disease. We need to continue to do this and thank you for all you do! We also need to expand our reach and spread the word at other events that are not Alzheimer’s specific.

We need more SuperHero’s for Alzheimer’s! If we can get more scientist, researcher, doctor, nurse, caregiver, advocate, politician, celebrity, person with the disease and someone who lost someone to Alzheimer’s to become a SuperHero’s for the cause.

My Friend Natasha asked me to join her on the SuperHero 5k Walk/Run. I agreed! Also, a good friend of ours, Joe and several of Natasha’s friends from UPS walked too. We had a great time and enjoyed the wonderful weather on a Saturday morning.

I decided to become the Alzheimer’s Avenger! I found a purple Skin outfit and used my team walk shirt from our walk team from 2012.  I became the Alzheimer’s Avenger. I was going to be Barney, but Natasha said that Barney was not a SuperHero and she would not walk with me if I dressed up as Barney!

At the event, they had a costume contest after the race. They judged individual and group costumes. They walked around and asked everyone who they were. When I said I was the Alzheimer’s Avenger, there was a good round of applause from the 120+ participants. I also had several walk up to me and thank me for raising awareness.

We need to do more to raise awareness in other settings: i.e. Sporting events, team sponsorships, college groups and organizations, branded credit cards, TV shows, celebrities, politicians, debates, rallies, social media, meet and greets, etc. We have to talk to people who are not aware of the disease; and those that are aware of the disease, but not spreading the word. Most people who know about the disease, do not understand the numbers around the disease. They also do not understand how underfunded the current research levels are.

Considering the number of people with the disease and those caring for people with the disease; I’m baffled at the small number of people who take advantage of the resources offered by the Alzheimer’s Association, the limited funding from the NIH, the limited number of people talking about it on social media, the limited number of people being an advocate for the cause and reaching out to their elected officials, the limited number of people walking in the walks, the limited number of people raising money for this cause, etc.

So I decided to reach out to my new SuperHero friends and they are all ready to stand up and fight for this cause. If we can get Superman, Underdog, Batman, Robin, The Mutant Ninja Turtles, The Green Lantern and many other SuperHero’s; we should be able to get you to make a call/send an email/write a letter to the President, your Senator, House Representative, state officials, city officials and local officials. Also, share one thing every day on your social networks to raise awareness; pick up the phone and call someone or talk to someone you run into during the day.

We need to do something every day to raise awareness! If you have been touched by this disease and you are not doing something every day; I would like to ask you to join me and all of the wonderful SuperHero’s and make a difference every day.

My Walk to End Alzheimer’s Team – Goal 100 walkers & $20k! Join my walk team-Toledo, OH, in your location or virtually #EndALZ – You can also follow me on Twitter at @ALZandDementia

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About Richard Kenny

My Mom has Alzheimer's and I help my Dad with caregiving!
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24 Responses to Calling all SuperHero’s to join in the fight to end Alzheimer’s!! SuperHero 5K run

  1. boomer98053 says:

    This is awesome!!!

  2. My dad had Alzheimer’s and it was sad to watch him forget at first his doctor said it was dementia but it was Alzheimer’s he went down hill quickly and eventually died after a 3rd stroke took his life. I think what you are doing is amazing most people don’t know the frustration you face as a caregiver of your parent that forgets you. Being forgotten by your dad is something I don’t have words for but I’m glad you have found them and are raising awareness. Bless you!

    • Thanks MichelleMarie! I appreciate you sharing your story about your Dad! I’m sorry for your loss! I’m trying to do everything that I can for my parents and especially my mom as she continues to suffer from this horrible disease!

      • Oh no I am sorry to hear that. I hope that the newer drugs they have will work for her in slowing progression. I know how you feel and I think it is wonder your crusade character. March on!

      • Thanks! My mom is in the late stages and progressing fast! I don’t think we will have anything to help in her lifetime! 😦

      • Oh my that is so sad. One thing I did with my dad is not remind him he was forgetting. His nurse said to go along with where he was and I did. I have a lot if cute stories I tell because he was almost childlike and I got to experience the sweeter side if my dad. My prayers and thoughts are with you!

      • Thanks! Yes, I agree! You have to live in their world and join them in the conversation! I could be an actor after this experience! 🙂 I have learned to cry on the inside; show a smile and laughter on the outside! I come to realize, after this experience with my mom; I can handle anything that may get thrown at me in the future! This will be my hardest challenge in life!

      • I agree! It truly is just hug her all you can and hold her hand. That was something my dad loved. Although he said I got on his nerves then he forgot I did. Stay strong and cherish every moment!!! Oh something my dad loved was I read him stories. He liked to read but could not keep his mind on reading so I read to him. Maybe you can do something like that it will make you feel more active in her life and care! Just a suggestion!

      • MichelleMarie, Thanks for all your kind words, suggestions and sharing your personal experiences! I really appreciate!

      • Hang in there! I know it’s rough but one thing about my dad I wouldn’t missed loving him for nothing on his illness. I have no regrets. Nether will you and that brings some sort of odd peace in it all! If that makes sense.

      • It does! Thank you! The last two years have been very rewarding! I’m a different person today than I was two years ago! I’m a better man now that I have been going through this with my parents. I’m also a lot closer to them too!

      • Good for you! I also have a chronically ill child since she was 22 months old and somehow that helped me to be there more for my dad. I believe trails bring the best out in us if we let them. I’m glad to hear this has changed you. It’s amazing what we are capable of when we look back years later. Stay strong!

      • MichelleMarie,

        Thanks! I appreciate you sharing with me! Yes, we are capable of so much more, when faced with challenges in life. It’s how to react to the challenges you face.

      • I was thinking the other day wondering how your mom is doing?

      • Michelle Marie,

        Mom is doing good! She has good and bad moments every day; but we are doing a good job with adjusting to the moment! I’m going to try and get my dad to go golfing tomorrow and I will spend the day with Mom.

        Not sure what we are doing yet for Mother’s Day!

      • Adjusting and adapting, I totally understand that. I think your mom will love spending the day with you that is a great idea. I am glad your mom is doing good! Hang in there and have a wonderful Mother’s day with your mom.

      • Thanks Michelle Marie! I hope you have a wonderful weekend with family too! Mom and I enjoyed our afternoon and relaxed! Dad decided to spend some time in the other room to relax. Maybe, he will leave the house tomorrow. He said it was too cold to golf.

      • Yes it is cool here too especially for golf. I am glad you and your mom had a nice day! Nothing like spending the day with your sweet mom!!!!

  3. jamessliao says:

    I love the purple suit! I just wanted you to know I know where you’re coming from regarding caregiving. I took care of my wive until she passed in 2011. Good for you! Hope you’re doing well.

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