Fundraising – It’s a catch 22!

I recently saw the following post by a local business. I would love to hear your thoughts on their post and my response! I will need to think about how I go about raising awareness and money for an importance cause that I support. They made some very valid points!

Their post:

I would like to say something about people coming into my store and asking me to support there cause. but before I do let me say that you should read all of this before you comment,

I get people who come into my store WHOM I have NEVER seen before, I have been here in Temperance / Bedford for a year and a half and they have never come into my store to shop, NOT ONCE. But what they will come in to

do is ask me for money or products to help the school like the foot ball team, cheerleading team, robotics team,etc etc…. or they want me to support the local food bank at the local church, the local spaghetti dinner to help someone with medical bills, etc. etc…
I would LOVE to help ALL of you, But I would like to ask you HOW? How shall I do this for you? I have NEVER seen you before you walked into my store and asked me for help. Not once,,,, Tell me were should I get this money that you ask for?? should I pull it out of my bottom? Go to the money tree I have in the back of my store??? Just were am I to get this for you?
YOU don’t SHOP at Worleys, YOU shop at Kroger’s, Food town, Wal-Mart, Costco’s, Sam club, so you can get your 1% OFF on your gas card, So please tell me How shall I help YOU and YOUR CAUSE? why don’t you ask those that YOU support IE Grogers Wal-Mart Costco’s ect ect Right, Maybe because They wont help you, Maybe because they don’t care about YOU OR YOURS, You give them your money and what do they do? they take it out of your community back to CALIFORNIA or where ever there Corp, Head CORTERS are located.
Right instead you come and ask all the little guys to help YOU, Right.
Now I am sure that some of you will be upset with hearing this, If you are upset Take a GOOD look in the Mirror and ask yourself If I am telling the truth or am I a lier.
Soon you will ONLY have Kroger’s, Wal-Mart Costco’s Sims club left to shop at, And they will then remove ALL your support from you, because there will be no small guy to go to and ask for support.
Sorry for the misspelling
My Response:
I agree and disagree! If it was not for charity (cash donations and in-kind donations) from individuals and business; where would the support come from? I have recently walked into many businesses locally and emailed to ask for in-kind donations to support a charity event that I was hosting. I was one of the individuals that came into your location and asked for an in-kind donation in exchange for advertising at the event (I consider this different from a donation without anything in return). I have never shopped in your store, but was impressed when I came in. I was actually planning on stopping in this week when I saw your sign out front for homemade fudge. 🙂 I do like your honesty and appreciate it!
All of the local business that donated to this cause, received advertising for their donation; before the event, during the event and after the event. I have also changed my shopping patterns since doing this fundraising activity. I have changed who I do business with based on how they responded to me when I requested the donation. If they responded to the request with a yes or no, I left on a positive note. If they did not respond or were rude; I have decided to do business elsewhere. If they were someone that I have never done business with and they donated; I have made am effort to do business with them. If they were someone that I have done business with (especially when the owners and/or team members knew me) and they did not donate; I have shifted my support to other businesses that did support me.
I have never asked anyone for financial support to a cause before this year, when I wanted to do something for an important cause. This year, I was able to raise $12,000 based on support from local businesses, family and friends. I also donated a significant amount of my own money. I have always donated when people ask me for money, to buy candy bars from their kids, etc.
The sad thing; I received more donations from the businesses that I did not frequent often or at all, compared to the ones that knew me very well. I support local and small business now more than ever.
I have also recently made a commitment to buy American for all my holiday gifts this year. (I made that pledge a few days!)
I also did ask Kroger’s for a donation and they did donate to the cause and agreed to donate next year as well.
I will make an effort to stop in this week. I wear a purple shirt every day to support the cause that I’m actively supporting. Maybe one day in the future; you will get to know me and I will earn your support for a future request or you will reach out to me and ask me to support a cause that you are passionate about.
Thanks! I love the honesty and saw this post through a friend that commented on your post.

About Richard Kenny

My Mom has Alzheimer's and I help my Dad with caregiving!
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2 Responses to Fundraising – It’s a catch 22!

  1. Response from one person:
    this is WHY Mike never post ANYTHING in the shop. Even if they are a customer. There would be stuff EVERYWHERE all the time! He would have to give money to everyone of them and there would be no end so there for he just says no.

    Response from another:
    Awwww, Rich! I don’t think this was directed towards any specific individual. I would imagine that Worley’s has recently been inundated with requests by people he has never seen before. I would hope that those that ask from businesses they haven’t frequented prior to, would start to frquent those businesses. I shop at Worley’s frequently, have since they opened. I love them, they know my family & ask about them when I am there. They allowed students from my mom’s class at Lourdes to do a project on their business. They are good, hard working, giving people-I can’t tell you how many times I stopped by & they gave me stuff that would go bad while they were closed for the holidays, etc. I also cannot tell you how many tme Martin has helped me carry my bags to the car or let me come back to pay because I left my wallet, cash or card at home. I suspect he may have reached his breaking point on people asking for donations but not shoppig at his store. Those donations have to come from his bottom line, as he stated. Which in turns takes from his family. I do hope that you shop there! I, obviously, can’t say enough good things about the owners of Worleys 🙂 Good people, for sure!

    Response from me:
    Thanks Alycia!
    We all have a certain amount we set aside for charity! I give most of mine to the Alzheimer’s Association; also give to other charities and support causes when people reach out to me. There is only so much one person or business can give. The big thing is to be honest! Our charity of choice is our place if worship or xyz organization or we have already exceeded our donations for this month or we only give to non-profits, etc.

    You can approach this a couple ways:
    1. No solicitation sign 2. Respond to the person when they ask or via email afterwards.

    The best approach is the close the loop with the person/customer/potential customer.

    I will stop in this week and pick up some of the homemade fudge! 🙂

    We still need to catch up one of these days soon! It’s been a long time!

    • jlhede says:

      In a way, I can understand what this store owner is saying. But, I would like to throw this idea into the mix. Maybe the person who solicited the donation isn’t a regular (or even an infrequent) shopper there, but what about the people who attend the event and see this store’s name on the list of donors? How many new customers might he get that were inspired to show their gratitude with their business? Consider that many charitable events publish a program, or something that lists who donated to the cause. Consider it advertising, if nothing else.

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