Family Vacation with Mom and Dad!

Family Vacation with Mom and Dad!

I had a planned vacation to Florida to visit with family and relax for a week.  The six weeks leading up to the vacation, my Mom had a bad stretch and it has been very difficult for my Dad. On Thursday, I asked my Mom and Dad, if they would like to join me on the trip (day before the trip). My Mom and Dad said yes; we booked the trip. I also asked them several times before, but they said no.

My Dad’s reason for saying no every time I asked was that he did not think my Mom could handle the trip. The tipping point with Dad, was that it could not be any worse than staying here and that I would not be around to help.

We booked the tickets on Thursday night and the next morning my parents starting getting ready and packed for the trip. Mom had a really bad day on Friday. I was not sure if she was going to take my Dad or if they would actually end up going on the trip. I had to take Mom out to lunch without Dad to get her calmed down and willing to go on the trip.

We somehow managed to get everything packed and made it to the airport in time for the flight.

A little about my Mom:

  • Mom has acquired an accurate sense for how fast we are going, especially when I’m driving!
  • Generally, the second I reach one mile over the speed limit, Mom will say “slow down” and “You’re going to fast”.

Conversation during takeoff:

Mom: Whoa! I think he is going to fast! (As the pilot starts to take off)

Me: He will slow down after we get in the air!

Mom: No, he is going to fast! It’s never this fast! Slow Down!

Me: okay!

Me: Mom, We are in the air, the pilot slowed down! Is this better?

Mom: Yes! Thanks!

Me: Good!

Conversation during landing:

Mom: He’s going to fast!

Mom: Slow down!!

Me: He will, when we land!

Mom: That’s not soon enough

Me: He can’t slow down, until we land!


Mom: I have a few words for the pilot when we land!

Conversation on the drive to the Resort in Orlando:

Me: Will you help me with Navigation?

Mom: Yes!

Me: Let me know when Siri says it’s time to turn!

Mom: Okay, I will try!

Me: We are almost there!

Mom: Slow down! You are driving to fast!

Me: Okay!

Mom: You are driving to Fast?

Mom: Why didn’t we fly? We could have arrived here during the daylight hours!

Me: We will fly home!

Mom: Really!

Me: Yes, I don’t want to drive again!

Mom: Me either!

Mom: We could have flown to the airport and drove the rest of the way!

Me: We can do that next time!

Mom: Okay!

Me: When do we turn next?

Mom: I don’t know! She’s no good! This map is bad!

Me: Sorry Siri!

Mom: Who is Siri?

Me: The voice is coming from my iPad, navigating us to the resort!

Mom: Well! She’s no good!

Me: I hope Siri did not hear that! We may end up in Cuba! (Sarcasm)

Friday night:

Relaxed at the hotel! Mom fell right to sleep and we had a good night.


We attended the Walk to End Alzheimer’s in Orlando. My Nieces (Ashley and Cara participated in the presentation prior to the walk. My Cousin Avie and David Shaver also came out for the walk. It was nice to have my Mom and Dad, Sister Debi, Nieces (Ashley and Cara) and Cousin (Avie and David) attend the walk.

It was a windy day for the walk. It was great to have my Dad walk with everyone and I stayed back and spent time with my Mom during the walk. Mom and I had fun, but it was cold and windy.


Spent the day relaxing with my Sister Debi, Niece Ashley and Niece Cara.  We hung out by the pool and listened to Kenny Rogers. My Mom loves Kenny Rogers. I loaded all of their music and pictures on an iPad. My Mom even went into the pool with my Sister Debi and Niece Cara.


We relaxed most of the day by the pool and listened to Kenny Rogers. We went to visit my Aunt Peggy and Uncle Les. It was a nice visit for my Mom and Dad. Later that evening, we went to dinner with my Aunt Peggy, Uncle Les and Cousins.


We visited my Uncle Bob (Dad’s brother). He is living in a nursing home. This was a difficult day for my Mom. It was hard for my Mom to walk around the nursing home and see all the people suffering. If we had to do it all over again, I would have not done this or had her only go into the guest area up front.


We had dinner with my Sister Debi’s family and celebrated my Niece Cara’s birthday. She turned 11 on Halloween. It was a nice visit with the family.


We were going to see friends of my parents, but ended up just relaxing at the hotel all day.


We returned home.

Overall, it was a great week. It was probably the best week my Mom and Dad had in the last 7 weeks.

A couple lessons learned on the trip:

  • My Mom responds better when my Dad refers to her as Sue and nothing else
  • I check my Mom’s sugar level in the morning and at night
  • I administer my Mom’s pills throughout the day

We need to start asking the following questions before we do anything for Mom:

  • Can Mom do this on her own without help?
  • Can Mom do this with limited instruction?
  • Can Mom do this with limited help?
  • Can Mom do a portion of the task with or without help?
  • Can Mom do a portion of the task with or without instruction?


Our first day back was a little difficult adjustment for Mom. It was a day of confusion.


The day was better overall, but Mom still had some difficultly throughout the day.


About Richard Kenny

My Mom has Alzheimer's and I help my Dad with caregiving!
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4 Responses to Family Vacation with Mom and Dad!

  1. boomer98053 says:

    You took on a task that not many would be willing to do because of the inherent stress when traveling by air. Congratulations – it looks like all in all the trip was a resounding success!

  2. SLP_Echo says:

    So glad you got to do this…my gran is still able to travel but the day will come when we have to decide when she can still handle it or if the confusion won’t be good for her

    • Thanks! I think it was a good decision! This week has been tough being back home, but we are working through it. I’m happy they were able to come with me! Travel and changes to environment are sometime difficult!

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