A message from a long lost friend!

A couple days ago, I sent out an email to my entire address book (All 2,500 contacts – 500 emails bounced). Some people in my address book, I have not talked to in many years; but, an old friend responded to my email asking for donations to the Walk to End Alzheimer’s. The response that I received put me to tears. It’s amazing how you can build a friendship that can last forever and a simple email can reconnect you. 


With this campaign, I was able to raise more than $7,500 so far for the walk to End Alzheimer’s:



During the last year, I have made it a point to reach out to everyone in my network at least 2 times a year. On their birthday and during the holiday at the end of the year. I do not want to lose my wonderful network of family, friends and professional connections.


Here is the message that my friend sent me:


Hi Rich!
Hey old friend, I just had my heart ripped out to hear what you and your family have been going through. At the same time you have my upmost respect and admiration because you know what it’s like to experience real love with all its magnificent victories in the face of this horrible disease. My uncle suffered from this same condition, and I’ve been staying with my 90 year-old parents and helping them on a daily basis. Odd that we both travel these familiar roads, but I’m proud to be a brother-in-arms with the likes of you. I consider it an honor, as I’m sure you do, to help the ones we owe our very lives to. I cannot say enough about your courage and bravery and please know that I’ll be praying for you and your mom and dad. We’ll come out of this better men, and one day we’ll meet up again and knock back a few and just have a really good time. Stay strong my brother and I’ll do the same.
All my best,

About Richard Kenny

My Mom has Alzheimer's and I help my Dad with caregiving!
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