My Dad’s Never Ending Challenge

It’s been a constant lately; my Mom does not realize my Dad is her husband. She thinks of him as a friend.

She’s told me on several occasions that they are friends and have not even kissed. (this I know is not true, because they hold hands and kiss every day)

My Mom keeps asking me if it’s okay for her to be with my Dad! She does not recognize him as my father. She wants to hold a family meeting to get the approval of my sisters and me. I’m sure my sisters will approve of my father being her sole-mate! It’s been this way for the last 43 years!

It has to be so hard on my Dad, to not have his wife of 43 years recognize him.

My Dad has been amazing through all of this! He tries so hard. I know how tough it is for me, I could not imagine how tough it is for him.


About Richard Kenny

My Mom has Alzheimer's and I help my Dad with caregiving!
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2 Responses to My Dad’s Never Ending Challenge

  1. Overwhelmed By Joy says:

    I’m sorry – I know that is extremely difficult.

  2. boomer98053 says:

    In an Alzheimer’s caregiver support group I facilitated, one of my members, a wife who was caring for her husband who has Alzheimer’s, told us the following story: Her husband seemed happy that Carol was living in the same house as he. He didn’t recognize her as his wife. One day Jack said to Carol, “You’re a nice woman and all, but I’m not having sex with you. I’m a married man.” Carol and Jack had been married for 72 years.
    And so it goes – these are the heartaches that come when a spouse is there, but not really there.

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