A day of confusion!

The day started out well, but ended up being a difficult day. Mom was confused most of the day and wanted to go see her mother. After several hours of trying to distract her and divert her attention, we finally had to take my mom to her mother’s gravesite. This finally calmed her down, but did not last for long. We went out for ice cream after ordering pizza in for dinner.

Our conversation at home after getting back from having Ice Cream!

Mom, Dad and I are sitting in the Family Room. 

Mom: Where is Dad?
Me: He will be back in a little bit!
Mom: Do you know where he is?
Me: He will be back soon!

Dad walked out of the room to take a break

Mom: Who was that man?
Me: Just a friend, he left!
Mom: Where is Dad?
Me: Dad is in the other room!
Mom: Was that my husband? Your Father?
Me: Yes!
Mom: Does he know who I am? I don’t think he recognized me!
Me: Yes, he know who you are!
Mom: Are you sure?
Me: Yes
Mom: Should I go talk to him?
Me: Yes! You should give him a big hug and a kiss too!
Mom: okay

And it all starts all over again! I thought we were making progress!

Mom: Who is that?



About Richard Kenny

My Mom has Alzheimer's and I help my Dad with caregiving!
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One Response to A day of confusion!

  1. boomer98053 says:

    So difficult – I’m sorry. You expressed well the challenges of communicating, even illustrating your father’s need to leave the room to collect himself. Caregiving, and parenting a parent, is not an easy task. I commend you for all of your extensive efforts Richard.

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