Mom gave up her license yesterday!!!

My Mom has not driven in more than two years and we took her keys away six months ago! She always talks about wanting to drive and lately she has been talking about how she does not feel comfortable driving.

Yesterday, she came back to my home office and told me that she does not think she should drive anymore. I thought it was a perfect opportunity to have her go to the Secretary of State’s Office; to turn in her license and get a state ID, while she felt this way. 

When Mom and Dad came home from the Secretary of State’s Office – Mom told me that she is no longer driving and she is glad that my Dad and I will be her personal chauffeur from now on. 

When her new State ID comes in, we will get rid of her old license. I’m hoping this helps when she says that she wants to drive. 

A few weeks ago, my parents purchased a new Ford Taurus, they picked red for a color. My Mom always talks about all the red cars on our street. Now, when she get’s into their new car; she says she wants to go get a red car for her. I just tell her that this is her red car and dad is driving her around in her car.

We will be getting rid of her old car within the next couple weeks! I think that it will help if her old car is no longer in the garage. 




About Richard Kenny

My Mom has Alzheimer's and I help my Dad with caregiving!
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3 Responses to Mom gave up her license yesterday!!!

  1. boomer98053 says:

    Congratulations to everyone concerned! You are so correct in stating that it will be easier on your mom if her previous vehicle is no longer visible/available. My father, now deceased, gave up driving and had the reminder of that each time he walked past his Mercury Sable. He kept that vehicle, unused, for a year until he finally agreed to donate the vehicle, which I facilitated for him. This dulled the reminder of no longer being able to drive and benefited Habitat for Humanity – the organization to which he donated his vehicle.

  2. Overwhelmed By Joy says:

    That is always a great thing when the person involved makes that decision eventually. That is surely one of the most difficult adjustments.

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