A day in the life with Alzheimer’s!!!

July 2012

Sunday, July 15th
Mom woke up at 2am and wanted to go home. I just told her that we can go home at 8am, if she goes back into her room and goes to sleep now. She actually did and only got up one more time.
Monday, July 16th
8:30 am
Dad woke mom up (before she woke up normally)
Mom did not know how to get dressed, but eventually figured it out. She came out and asked what else she had to put on, but was fully dressed.
Trina arrived – Our home health aid (From the Heart)
Mom did not know what she had to do after she went to the bathroom. I had the explain to her what to do. Also, I had to ask her to wash her hands afterwards.
9:30 am
Social worker from hospice met with my dad for 90 minutes
Owner of comfort keepers came out for a house visit. Looking at a second company to partner with
Mom said that the evil man was touching her (referring to my father) She told me that he is always watching her and could not get rid of him. He watches her in the shower, watches everything she does and follows her around the house.
Mom and Trina sat for 90 minutes together and actually had a good conversation. Prior to this, they did not talk much.
Mom sat with Carole from comfort keepers and talked for 30 minutes. When dad finished up with the social worker, he came out for a few minutes and me with owner for Comfort Keepers.
Dad asked mon if she wanted to go out and talk to Trina. Mom said no, she does not talk much and does not like her.
Mom came out to living room and sat down and talked to Trina for 20 minutes. Dad and I talked in the other room for a while about the conversation he had with the social worker from Hospice.
Mom said Dick (My father) does not talk to her. I explained that he was sick and he loves her very much.
Mom did not know he had a husband. So I tried to change the subject.
Mom said she had a father and asked who was in the other room. I said it was Dick. She said who is Dick, I said it was my father. I asked her who I was and she said Rich, she asked who was Dick to me.  I said he was my father. She later asked who Dick was to her. I told her that he was her husband. She said that I need to help her remember these things.
Mom does not know where her purse is. (She is always worried when it is not near her.) So I told her to go look in her bedroom at the end of the hall.
Mom told me that she is cold! (It’s 77 in the room we are in)
Mom asked who was her father. I said your father is Peter Schings. She said, can I go see him. I said yes, we can go see him later. She than said, my mother is Genevieve. I said we can go see them later.
Mom said, who is that man, I said that that was my father – Dick Kenny
Mom asked if I ever met her parents. I said yes, that I have met her mother.
Mom said she had 2 sisters and 2 brothers. Nope, I have 3 sisters, one is a nun. I like Ed, but Chuck is sick. Peggy and Helen
Mom asked me if I can take her to her parents and if I wanted to meet them. I said sure, we can go see them tomorrow.
Mom confused being here at our house with a nursing home. They were getting ready to go out to lunch and my mom said they just slop it down here an do not give you chips or anything (She was referring to the food). I said you are going to a restaurant.
Mom and dad went to lunch! Mom turns and looks at me and says I can’t go with him and points to my dad. I tell her it is okay and to go have lunch. She turns and says he is evil and I’m scared. She eventually calmed down and went to lunch.
Dad calls me and tells me that mom will not get out of the car to go in the house. She was terrified of my father. I walked mom into the house and had dad stay in the car for 10 minutes.
Mom calmed down, but said before she calmed down that she did not want to be around that man. He watches her. Always wants to sleep in the same bed. He always wants to kiss her and she does not know him.
Mom thinks she is in a nursing home!
Mom said that her girls do not come to see her often. She also said that she does not see her grandchildren.
I tried to reassure her that the girls and her grandchildren see her a lot.
Mom is okay now! Dad walked in with the mail and she recognized him.
Mom asked if I have seen my sisters lately
I told her that dawn is working at Kingston and Debi is in Florida working
Mom asked if anyone was coming in today and I said no. She said, good, I do not need to cook for anyone.
Mom and dad went to my Mom’s parents cemetery plots.
Mom and dad came back home. Mom thought that we all left her with that man (referring to my father).
Mom has been talking for 30 minutes around if she should live in a senior facility. If they should be put in an adult day care. She is also talking about how they do not do anything. My parents do a lot, but all my mom remembers is that they sit in the back room sitting in the two chairs watching the TV.
Dad left for support group meeting
Mom has anxiety around dad not being home and she is not with him. She was having a hard time breathing, she was in a panic.
Took Mom out for dinner at Chipotle and the entire time she was wondering where her husband was. Wondering if he was okay. Wondering if he knew where she was. (This went on for the entire time that he was gone)
came home and put a load of towels into the washer. And while we were home she was worried about where Dick was and was concerned the whole time.
Went to Target to get Dick a birthday present. During this whole time she was worried about where Dick was. She was shaking and very concerned about where he was and if he was okay. She was having a hard time breathing and in a state of panic. She kept saying how he was the love of her life and would not know what to do if he did not come home or if anything happened.
came home and wrapped his gift. She was worried the whole time. She mentioned how she does not see her girls. How the grandchildren look at her funny. She wondered if her parents were alive. She kept talking about wanting to go into a nursing home so we can get on with our life. She thinks that her husband Dick does not know who she is. She says he looks at her with a blank look and does not talk to her, touch her, and he does not know her.
Parents went to Bed
Dad came out and could not get to sleep
Dad went to bed

For those of you that do not know, my mother has Alzheimer’s and I have been assisting my father as a caregiver for the last 22 months. I’m participating in the walk to end Alzheimer’s – Please consider supporting this great cause and thanks for reading.


About Richard Kenny

My Mom has Alzheimer's and I help my Dad with caregiving!
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