My father is the greatest man I know! (It’s hard to see him break down)

We have had a few very difficult days and I know it’s not going to get better. My father is an amazing man and will do anything for my mother. My father loves my mom and my mom loves my dad. They have a wonderful relationship and have been married for 42 years.

He is having a really hard time when my mom does not recognize him and does not think she is married with kids. She thinks that she works for my dad, but never married him. She does not understand why he is in the house and staying the night.

It took an hour to get her calmed down and ready for bed tonight. We listened to music, talked about dinner, talked about our upcoming trip to Florida, talked about volleyball and several other topics. We also looked at pictures, but that did not work well. 

I had my mom get ready for bed and got her into bed. My dad and I watched some baseball for 30 minutes. My mom got back up and walked into the living room; she recognized my father and they went to bed. (I never know what to expect, when I do, she does the opposite.)

I’m not sure how much more my father can take! The mental stress of having the person you love, tell you that they do not know you, must be so hard on my father. I wish that there was something else that I could do to take away the stress and pain! 


About Richard Kenny

My Mom has Alzheimer's and I help my Dad with caregiving!
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