Daily Confusion!

We stil have many great hours, days and weeks! Some days, my mom goes through periods of confusion and it sometimes lasts for hours or the entire day.

Today was a good day overall! She woke up and seemed confused about where she was. We are at the home that my parents have lived in for the last 25 years.

Me: Mom – What do you want to do today?
Mom: I want to go home!
Me: Can we go home after breakfast?
Mom: Sure

When I ask her to describe the other home she tells me it is like this home, but the one with her husband and not this man (my father). I ask her where is home and she tells me our current street.

We went back to the computer room to check emails and when we finished checking emails; she asked if we can go home to check her emails at her home. When we walked out to the other room, I told her that her husband should be out there. She responded with “Which one? the old one or the new one!” I responded with “The one that you fell in love with more than 43 years ago.” At this point she seemed fine with the new introduction to my dad.

My sister came over to cut and style my mother’s hair this afternoon. My mom enjoys when she comes over to do this. She comes over a couple times a week to style and/or cut my mom’s hair.

So far, all is good! I think we will have a good night now! Mom and dad seem to be doing good right now.


About Richard Kenny

My Mom has Alzheimer's and I help my Dad with caregiving!
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